Sunday, November 24, 2013

How To install Cell Phone Spy Tracking Application

How to install InnovaSPY into target iPhone?

How To install Spy Software On Cell Phone Remotely.

A. Find icon Cydia on screen power iPhone

If no icon on your phone is not able to install it. You should bring your phone to store any Iphone services to install Cydia icon.

B. Download and Install InnovaSPY

1. Find icon Cydia in iPhone Springboard 2. Tap to open then tap Search 3.Insert InnovaSPY. Tap Search button

4. Tap InnovaSPY on search result

5. Then tap the Install button

6. Tap Confirm button

Wait for installing process finish then tap Reboot device

C. Sign Up an online account and Register your iPhone

Find icon InnovaSPY -> tap Open If you don't have an account on website InnovaSPY yet,
tap Register to create account.
Insert email address ,
password you wish.
Click Create account.

If you have an account in website InnovaSPY
already, tap Login to register device to your account.
Insert email address ,
password of your account.

Attention: When you create an account, your device will be registered to this account automatically. You should use a valid email address to create account because later you will used this account to view logs result, recover password if you ever forget, receive link download Excel back up data…. And one thing more, one account can only be used for one device, it means one email address can only be used for one iPhone.

D. Hide InnovaSPY in iPhone Springboard and Cydia

Icon InnovaSPY will be hidden in Springboard but still be showed in Packacges of Cydia. To show icon InnovaSPY again, dial #000*.

Tap Hide Package Forever button to hide InnovaSPY on iPhone forever.
From now on, InnovaSPY will begin to works on your iPhone in steath mode. There is no sight, no trace of InnovaSPY in your iPhone, even in Cydia and no one, include you, can open InnovaSPY interface again. Don’t worry, you still can adjust setting via website by log in to your security account. Remote install Cell Phone Spy Software For Cell Phones.

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