Saturday, October 26, 2013

Amazing Cell Phone Call Listening and Environment Recording Software

Cell Phone Call Tracking Software Free Download. Start Tracking The Calls Now

It takes less than a minute to install this software on the mobile/cell phone you want to spy on.
Then, you simply login to Our Members area to listen to the entire conversation.


Cell Phone Environment Listening...

Environment Listening is a brand new technology we have been emerging which will fact let you hear the target phone's surroundings. Simply make a spy call to the target phone running our software and listen in to the phones surroundings... This is not entirely possible.

Cell Phone Call Interceptor Software

This is a breakthrough technology we've spent months developing and perfecting. And now finally we're able to bring to the public.
With Our mobile phone software you'll now have the capable to listen in to a Live your phone call on the target device... just like something out of the spy movies. Best of all, it's very easy to use.
You specify the numbers you're interested in... and when any calls to or from these numbers occur on the target, SpyBubble will send a secret SMS to your own mobile to notify you of the live call taking place.
Then you simply call the destination mobile and you'll be able to hear the entire conversation without either of them knowing!

Spybubble Environment Recording

Environment Recording is a brand new technology we have been emerging which actually lets you HEAR the destination phone's surroundings. Simply send a secret sms to the target phone running SpyBubble and it will record the surrounding for a certain time period.

The recorded all sounds will be automatically uploaded to your control panel which you can listen to any time.

Live Picture:

The Live Image property of lets you an image by using the target phone AT ANY TIME YOU WANT. Just send an sms text messages to the target phone and it will snap a picture and automatically upload it to your control panel, where you can see view it at your convenience.

Mobile Phone Whatsapp Tracking:

We realized that some of the most friendly conversations among people take place on Whatsapp on the your iPhone. That's why we generated Whatsapp following so you can monitor all messaging activities on the phone... and so you don't miss out on any of the juicy bits.

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